Seeger By Design is an art sourcing consultancy

Artworks enhance your environment and lifestyle; and for property styling, art completes the overall look. 

What sets us apart? Our art sourcing consulting evolved out of an art gallery - so we understand the power of art selection and placement. We understand that art responds to and coordinates with the space. We understand that each client and property is unique and must be treated appropriately.

We select and place art to fit the brief and budget:

  • to create features within a space
  • to complement your existing art, furniture and decorating scheme
  • to add interest, atmosphere and individual style to your property
  • to inspire serenity, creativity or critical and abstract thinking.

Art is treated as an integral part of our creative processes - whether it is investment art; commissioned, or decorator art. 

Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.

Pablo Picasso

We work directly with our extensive network of artists - from abstract, traditional, surreal to industrial sculptors. We source or commission artwork to suit your taste, a specific architectural style, room size, colour palette and/or lighting.

Each project, no matter what the size, is treated with a curator's critical eye. This gallery of paintings shows a small range of works that have sold or been commissioned for private residences or corporate and commercial projects.

Sophie Seeger's art history
  • Artworks in private collections in Australia, South Africa, America, Denmark and Singapore
  • Art Gallery Director and artist agent
  • Guest Curator
  • Mentor to Fine Arts Student
  • Commission of 11 paintings for IKON - Advertising Agency
  • Textile and Indigenous rug development and curation
  • Volunteer work Yuendumu Art Centre - Central Desert
  • Art direction of historical coffee table book: The First Clay
  • Member of the Advisory Committee for The Regional Gallery & The Cultural Centre - BMCC
Robyn Hammond's art history
  • Colour consultant and interior decorator
  • Textile design experience
  • Designer Rug Design finalist
  • Commissioned artist
  • Artworks in private collections in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia
  • Fashion designer